After a life long love of the fine arts, I fell into sewing and crafting by complete accident. I work in psychiatry with children and adolescents and a child I was working with taught me how to crochet. I loved it immediately and I started crocheting everything I could (and some things that I shouldn't have...crocheted glasses case anyone?).

Shortly there after, I started crocheting bags and found a free sewing machine on craigslist to start sewing linings into my bags. I started attempting more and more sewing projects and sewing grew into a love of it's own.

Outside of creating, I love horseback riding, reading, flannel pjs, coffee and lazy Sundays. I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully supportive husband and an amazingly imaginative and zany son and a sassy and bubbly little girl that keep me on my toes.

I particularly enjoy sewing bags, and I am still trying to master knitting. I have sewn a few garments, mostly for my kids but I have managed to make a couple of wearable items for myself. I am terrified of quilting (true story), and I am hopelessly addicted to Pinterest and Instagram. I have a short attention span when it comes to projects and once I get involved in a project, I bury myself in them until they are done. I love to learn new skills and if I didn't have to adult, I'd make ALL the things.

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