Thursday, November 29, 2012

Handmade Christmas and other projects

Last year I came up with the brilliant insane idea to do handmade gifts for all of the adults on our Christmas list. Not just handmade and bought from other artisans, handmade by yours truly. Although I did make this happen, I was sewing, painting and crocheting right up until Christmas day. This hardly left time for all of the other things that I wanted to do for the holidays (bake, make new decorations or just enjoy the season).

This year, I do want handmade to be a part of the season, I don't wish for it to encompass every aspect of our holiday. I do have a couple of bag orders I need to get out and a few gifts I need to whip up but I feel so much less stress not thinking of what I need to *make* for our loved ones. It takes a lot of what makes handmade special out, when instead of enjoying the process, you are stressing about what else you need to do. I feel like the gifts that I am making are that much more meaningful this year, because I'm not obligated to think of *something* to create. Now my stress will just be "normal" person Holiday stress!

However this year I REALLY want to get around to making some new decorations, and I do hope to have some fun (although I know they will be brief) crafting session with my 3 year old. Maybe I will get around to some of those pins I've had up on my Holiday Craft board on Pinterest for the past 2 years! At the TOP of my list is this tree skirt and tutorial by SewCrafty Jess:

Isn't is amazing? I would love to do this is blues and reds, I've been hoarding this fabric:

A Walk in the woods Dash stripe in blue by Aneela Hoey

I think I finally found it's calling as Christmas Decor! Now, if I can just stay off Pinterest! I keep looking for new ideas without starting any of the old ones I already have!

Happy Decorating!!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A blog? Eh why not?

Well, a blog huh? What now? Quite frankly I haven't a clue. I'm just hoping to have my own little piece of the universe right here. Somewhere I can share what I'm thinking, planning, doing, loving and hoping. It just seems appropriate, to carve out my little square. I am envisioning myself climbing that mountain and sticking in that little flag to mark that I am here and I dub this new found spot as my own. Ok, maybe that was a bit much.

Perhaps someone will come across this and take interest in the ramblings of my mind, or perhaps this spot will stay my little corner with the little flag waving. Either way is ok right now, lets just see where this goes from here. I do hope to share what I am creating, planning, coveting and learning.

Until next time,

Cyndi :)

P.S. The Nosy Pepper you ask? Read the joke and tell me you didn't at least smile to yourself:

What does a nosy pepper do?
--Gets jalepeno business!