Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A blog? Eh why not?

Well, a blog huh? What now? Quite frankly I haven't a clue. I'm just hoping to have my own little piece of the universe right here. Somewhere I can share what I'm thinking, planning, doing, loving and hoping. It just seems appropriate, to carve out my little square. I am envisioning myself climbing that mountain and sticking in that little flag to mark that I am here and I dub this new found spot as my own. Ok, maybe that was a bit much.

Perhaps someone will come across this and take interest in the ramblings of my mind, or perhaps this spot will stay my little corner with the little flag waving. Either way is ok right now, lets just see where this goes from here. I do hope to share what I am creating, planning, coveting and learning.

Until next time,

Cyndi :)

P.S. The Nosy Pepper you ask? Read the joke and tell me you didn't at least smile to yourself:

What does a nosy pepper do?
--Gets jalepeno business!

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