Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Embroidery fun

So I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to learn embroidery; get a hoop, some floss and some fabric right? Well, thankfully I found some great info on Wild Olive before I went to Hobby Lobby.  After some quick and well written tutorials on basic stitches I ended up with these:

I was fairly happy with my first attempts and moreover realized that I had really enjoyed this project and wanted to do more. I had purchased some iron on transfers from Hobby Lobby for these but then I discovered the wonders of water soluable ink pens and heat transfer pencils, eek! There are so many options! Christmas towels were a must, being queen of Google that I am, I happened upon the site Urban threads, and an awesome FREE pattern! I did the embroidery and backed the towel with some flannel and I'm happy how they turned out:

Photo: First Christmas presents of the season!

This weekend we had our niece and nephew over for the night and what better way to keep an 9 year old busy than to do crafts?! So we made these pillows:

I'm looking forward to learning more about embroidery and adding it to my projects, we'll see how it goes :)

Happy Tuesday!

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