Sunday, February 24, 2013

Charmed Bag and is it spring yet?!

In my last fabric order, on impulse I bought a charm pack. I really like the Mama Said Sew line and when it arrived in the mail I spent more time than is reasonable just looking at the little squares of yummyness. While this may seem reasonable for a quilter, I am most assuredly not a quilter. What on earth was I going to do with a bunch of five inch squares? (42 to be exact). 

I asked myself that same question every time I would look up on the shelf above my sewing machine: "why on earth did you buy that? What are you gonna do with it?!". I'd pick it up, look at the pretty squares, and set it right back on the shelf. 

Until last weekend. A friend of mine made a request for a black and red bag. I cut out all the pieces for her bag and thought, " I kinda want a black and red bag too." Then the lightbulb, I can use the charms for a bag! Perhaps if I had any experience quilting, I could have done some fancier piecing but I was not wanting this to turn into something I couldn't get done RIGHT NOW. Once I get started on something, I have a hard time stopping so I was impatient to get my bag done. 

Initially my plan was to have a recessed zipper, but I ended up liking it on the top of the bag above the exterior. Can a bag have a popped collar? This one does. I added a pocket the length of the bag inside so I could use it as a divider, as this was initially planned as a work bag. I also added a "C" appliqué on the front. 

I love how it came out and I'm so happy I found a proper usage for the charms! I have about a third of the pack left and I may use them in an itty bitty hexie project. 

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