Monday, March 4, 2013

Honey cowl

Last month, I vowed that I WOULD learn how to knit, after many frustrating attempts. I successfully completed my first project, the seed stitch cowl and I was hooked.

I searched for a good second project and happened on the honey cowl. I saw various posts about the honey cowl, many from people who were new to knitting themselves so I thought is give it a shot.

It's so far from perfect, but I don't care, I love it!

I found the yarn at a little yarn shop, it's Everlating by Dream and it's a cozy superwash Australian Merino. The pictures do not do this yarn justice, the color is just absolutely gorgeous! .

I cannot wait to go back and find some new yarn for my next project: The Sophia Cowl but I better wait a bit before I tell hubby that I bought another 30.00 skein of yarn.

I'm really enjoying knitting so much more than I thought and I'm surprised that I am picking it up easier than I thought. It's still much slower than crochet and more akward but I love the final look. I still need to work on my cast off, as it's a bit wonky but I'm actually knitting!

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