Sunday, July 7, 2013

Necessary Clutch

I purchased the Neccessary Clutch pattern by Emmaline Bags as soon as it was released a couple of months ago. I immediately fell in love with the look of it but it recommends the use of a twist lock, which I did not have and kept forgetting to order. This pattern just sat in wait :(
As fate would have it, I went to JoAnn's a couple days ago to get some magnetic snaps and sitting right next to the snaps...twist locks!!! Eek...a magical new discovery, (when did they start carrying these?!). I was so stoked to get these home and start this wallet. I mean it was a complete sign right?!

Fabric choices were surprisingly easy, I had just finished the Lapin Noir Bag, and I had some of the fabrics from this bag left over. For the second clutches, I had some Amy Butler fat quarters that had been sitting around waiting for a purpose.

This pattern is so well put together, and the way it's laid out with the photo tutorials, I'm confident a beginner could do it. The most difficult part was cutting away the Peltex reinforced piece to put in the twist lock, I'm convinced that requires no skill, just luck and LOTS of patience (and cursing helps a LOT, well it does me anyways). Thank God that's like step 4. The super nice thing about the twist locks JoAnn's had was that the pieces were screwed together, so it required zero fabric glue or time to get them in once I got that annoying little hole cut!

I seriously LOVE this wallet....LOVE LOVE it. I want to keep BOTH of them but my hubby made me promise I would only keep the stuff I was making if it didn't sell. Since I'm doing my inaugural craft show this weekend, I have to wait to see.

Look at all the goodies you can stuff into this baby!!! It also doubles as a clutch and I know Emmaline has a tutorial on her blog that show you how to had a wrist strap if that's your thing but for me it's the perfect sized wallet.

I would have made more of them but JoAnn's only had 2 twist locks when I went bad is it that I want to start calling around to other JoAnn's to see if they have them? That's how much I love this wallet!!!


Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said...

It matches your bag perfectly! I have this pattern and now I need to make one after seeing yours! I LOVE the fabrics!

Unknown said...

Did they sell!?!? :) This is on my list to make for myself. Love your fabrics!