Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Why you should always consult Google FIRST

Over the past week I've been working hard to redo our master bedroom. Although this has been looong over due, it may have waited a few more years if I weren't so completely ridiculous.

I guess it's best to start at the beginning.

The Sunday before last, I was changing my sheets (love me some clean sheets! ) and I noticed there was some "dirt" on the mattress. I started looking around the mattress and found a bug. A. BUG. IN. MY. BED.

Then I found another. 

Now, I work in a hospital and I once saw a bed bug. Clearly this one viewing qualifies me as an expert and obviously if it was a bug and in my bed it must be a bed bug. 

I did what any reasonable and rational person would do: I flipped the hell out.

With my husband's assisted I encased the mattress in three fitted sheets and made him help drag it outside. 

The house across the street from me is currently under renovation and is empty. It just so happens there is a large construction dumpster in the driveway. So yeah, in the cover of night, sometime around midnight we carried our mattress and box springs to the dumpster across the street.

Did I ever stop to consult Google, you ask?


If I had I wouldn't have drug my bed across the street at midnight, packed up almost all of my belongings in that room into garbage bags and carried them to the deck and quarantined my bedroom.

The next morning, after tens of minutes of sleep I was still in freak out mode but when I got to work I decided to Google bed bugs and call every exterminator in the tri state area to find the first available. 

Guess what Google told me?
Not bed bugs
Guess what the exterminator told me?
Not bed bugs... And the bugs I found were most likely just tracked in from outside. Carpet beetles. Completely harmless unless you happen to be made of wool. 

I think mr. Exterminator felt poorly for my husband being married to such a crazy woman because he didn't even charge us for the inspection. There were no bugs to exterminate at all, let alone bed bugs.


The moral of the story? Consult Google FIRST. Freak out second.

At least we got a new mattress set and a free bug inspection. When you get a new bed you MUST make it pretty. So, I got to work on a shoestring budget (we did just buy a fancy new mattress war after all) to try and work with what I had or could get on the cheap. 

Here's a quick snapshot of the semi finished products. I'll write another posts on the cost break down and projects for it this week...about a hundred bucks (not including the bed) for the makeover!!!

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Rebecca said...

eeps! soudns like something id do. i read your blog but never comment on here but had to because i just found out you're a nurse (me too :D) and because i'm wanting +++ to make over my bedroom but am on a major budget too. so cant wait to hear about how you went about it. i went to a swanky sheet towel etc store (bad idea) and lusted over the gorgeous soft designer duvet covers...le sigh