Monday, March 31, 2014

Conquering my quilting fears...First quilt top ever

As I've shared on many occasions quilting has always fascinated me in the same way as quantum physics. They are interesting but both way, way over my head. Quilting may have been quantum physics as far as I was concerned, very cool but nothing I would ever grasp the concept of.

Math and I have never, ever gotten along, and making a quilt sure involved math. I would glance at patterns from time to time and think "that may as well be written in Dutch" because I just did not see how all those tiny, incredibly precise cuts could add up the way the pattern said. I would then sigh and move on to sewing something more 3 dimensional because that just made sense to me.

Over the past few months I've been the lucky recipient of several fat quarter bundles but really had no immediate use for them. After some encouragement from some of you in the online community and the awesome ladies I met at Camp Stitchalot I decided to finally give making a quilt a serious shot.

I knew I didn't want to just sew a bunch of squares together to make a quilt, and I didn't trust myself to follow a legit pattern so I just kind of completely winged it. I ran across the jelly roll quilts and like the idea of staggered rows so I just made several (or a million) 18 x 3.5 strips and made a bunch of rows, staggering the pieces. I did this while drinking wine and chatting it up at 3 am, it went by much quicker that way :)

So, I did it. It's nothing fancy or impressive but I can now say I finished a quilt top. Now I have to figure out how to quilt it and bind it...I'm not looking forward to that either but now that I've come this far I'm anxious to complete it. 

So thanks to everyone who encouraged me and gave me the extra motivation to just do it :) 

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Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Very nice job on your quilt top! I can"t wait to see it finished! :))))