Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Valentine's Dress

Way back last spring I posted about sewing up some Geranium Dresses for our soon to be baby girl. Fast forward a year later and baby girl is here, growing up and a joy to be around. Those old Geranium dresses can't begin to fit around her chubby growing self now. 

A sweet friend of mine sent me a couple of yards of this adorable Riley Blake print, and suggested that I could use it to make a Valentine's dress for E. Oh how right she was! The Geranium Dress, as I discovered before is such a satisfyingly quick sew and you could easily put together a couple of them in an evening.

Considering how sensitive babies can be when it comes to tags and things rubbing on their skin, I had to finish the seams. I have absolutely no idea what this technique is called, it's so not fancy or technical. It involves me press the seam open, then folding one side of the seam down, stitching it down, then repeating the other side. You do see two lines of stitching on the right side of the dress, but it's easy and functions well.

Just for fun I added some pom pom trim around the bottom hem. 

This pattern is quickly becoming a fave! I think I may give one of Rae's women's garments a go next. I do love how the dress is such simple lines but you could easily dress it up with different fabrics and trims. Also, it doesn't get in the way of a baby girl with exploring to do!

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