Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hosta Hobo

The Hosta Hobo by Blue Calla Patterns is one that I scooped up the second it was released last year. This is a rarity for me, as I always seem to have more patterns then I'll ever have time to sew. Something about Hosta pulled me in, and I had to have this pattern! 

However, as it often happens, after purchasing the pattern it got shelved for several months. Something else would always come up and another project would get in the way. A couple months ago I couldn't wait any longer and Hosta and I got acquainted. After sewing one I loved her even more. 

The Hosta comes in two sizes, and really was designed as a camera bag. The directions include foam camera inserts, but I adore her as a shoulder bag. The two front zippered pockets are the perfect size to stash your keys and phone to keep from having to dig around the inside of your bag. This version was a gift for a friend with two boys and she likes to use it as a small diaper bag when out and about.

I made the large size because I love them. Bigger is better! I did underestimate how big she is, she is a very large shoulder bag and would really work well as a small diaper bag or work bag.  For this Hosta, I used some of my beloved Alison Glass prints with natural cork from Sew Sweetness. I love the blues of the fabric againts the natural cork. 

I also sewed up this colorful version in one of the newest Joel Dewberry prints. This was a custom order and adore the fabrics she chose for this one!

If you have been looking for a new pattern to sew up up that has lots of verstality, you won't be dissapointed with Hosta. She comes together pretty quickly and I love the options you can add. Scoop up your copy of the pattern here. I've also just listed them as a custom order option in my shop if you don't want to sew your own. 

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dalla nonna said...

Hi Cyndi! I love your Hosta Hobo's. I bought the pattern a while ago, too and now (finally) have the supplies to make the large in sports team fabrics. It will be a diaper bag for a baby girl born to our nephew and his wife. I think you told me it's quite large but they still have a 2 y-o boy in diapers (boys take forever to potty train it seems) so maybe this bag will accomodate both children. Anyhow, your Hostas are an inspiration - thanks for posting!