Sunday, August 27, 2017

Back to School Sewing

How did summer go by so fast?! It seems like we were just getting ready for lazy pool days and amusement park trips and now school is in full swing. There are so many great patterns for back to school but I got off lucky sewing wise this year.

My 8 year old only had one request, a new lunch bag made by me. After a quick trip to the fabric store he picked out his fabric and I made him a Luxie Lunchbag (of course).

My husband was a little jealous and my 8 year old was thrilled with the result.

If you've been here before you know my mad love for Luxie, and now my son gets to carry a mama made bag everyday to school.

I used PUL for the lining to ensure it's easy to wipe down (after 2 days of use I was glad I made that choice, kids are messy) and I left one side of the frame casing open so that I can slide out the frames and toss it in the wash when it gets really icky.

I got an embroidery machine last month for my birthday (more on that to come), and I added a bit of personalization on the bag for him.

I don't make backpacks for my son because a) he doesn't think it's cool, and b) I can't bear to spend 50 plus in materials and all that time when I can get him an LL Bean bag for 35 bucks that I won't be gutted when he inevitably drops it in a mud puddle or drags it down the sidewalk behind him (boys, amirite?).

Even though I didn't make him a bag for back to school, my sweet sitter requested a bag for her flamingo loving granddaughter. I had made the Sew Sweetness Edelweiss bag in the past, but this time I made the Cumberland backpack in the small size.

It was a little more involved than the Edelweiss but I like the polished look more.

For this bag I used a cute flamingo print and some glitter vinyl from the Sew Sweetness shop.

This pattern has a lot of options and the small size is perfect for a preschooler, as a backpack purse, a small kids overnight bag or just as a backpack for younger school kids. The large size is more of a typical backpack size and would be great for most school kids.

I like that the straps are padded with foam and it makes it a lot more polished and functional to carry.

The front pocket of the bag has flap pocket that can be secured with your choice of a magnetic snap or a turn lock. The zippered portion sews up really nicely and opens wide for your divided or internal zip pockets. It would be a perfect place to stash pencils, keys or headphones.

The lining has two finish options, turning or binding the lining in. I opted to bind mine, as with the foam the layers can get a bit thick and I feel like I get a better result with binding the seams on bags like this.

Typically when I bind my seams, I machine stitch the raw edge of the binding down then hand stitch the other side in for a neat finish. I know many of you guys are rolling your eyes about hand stitching but honestly it doesn't take long at all (especially you quilters who can bind a quilt with your eyes closed). I finished binding this bag in one episode of Twin Peaks.

I really enjoyed making this bag, and unlike a lot of backpack patterns I've come across this one is super functional for all ages, not just geared towards younger kids. This pattern that would easily transition into high school aged kids, if your kids will let you make them one that is.

What did you guys make for back to school this year? I'd love to see!

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Reece said...

It's so sweet! School starts next week for us, so naturally I'm just starting the backpacks now.