Monday, January 27, 2020

Mnimalist Wallet 2.0 Collection Release

I'm excited to introduce the Minimalist Wallet 2.0 Collection release! The new collection features 4 brand new pdf patterns all designed be as quick and easy as the first collection. In the next few days I'll show each wallet in turn, along with some awesome tester pics. I love each wallet so much that I want to be able to showcase each one on it's own! But, for the release I'll give you the snapshot version of what's in the entire collection.

The Livre wallet:

Pam Sutey of Bluebyebye

Pam Sutey of Bluebyebye

By Piera

Pam Sutey of Bluebyebye

I hope you love this new collection as much as I do! You can purchase each pattern individually on the website, or as the entire collection. Tomorrow I'll be back to give you the low down on the Livre,and share all the amazing tester pics! I couldn't have done this without them!

Grab the Collection HERE!


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