Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project organization

Up until recently, I haven't had an issue keeping my corner of our spare room neat and tidy between projects. However, now due to various circumstances (maybe several being some killer fabric sales) my stuff is kind of taking over the room. So, it was time to try and get some things in order. Starting with this riduclous mess I call a scrap box.

Here's a pic mid organization, please don't judge...I know it's terrible!


This was a ridiculous mess of fabrics, some just crap that I bought when I didn't know any better, peices of random flannel from pj bottoms and all sorts of stuff. So, the sorting began. A lot of this was donated to the art therapist at work for the kiddos to have fun with, but what I felt was still possibly usable I organized by color and put into baggies.

My tres chic scrap organization
Now that I finally have a handle on the scrap situation, I decided it was time to out them to use....somehow. I'm not at all a quilter, and probably never will be one. I just don't think I have the patience for all that cutting and piecing (I HATE cutting fabric), maybe one day I'll decide to go for it but for now I'm happy with pojects that don't require some serious geometry skills. I've seen lots of hexi projects all over the place and I really do loove the way that they look. So, why not give it a shot, all I have to lose are some scraps.

I consulted Pinterest and our friend Google and found some printable hexies and a great tutorial to get me started. An hour or so later, we have hexies!

I started with the orange bag, and I plan to keep moving through the colors until I have some of each. Then what? I have no idea yet. They are cute though :)

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