Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yay Productivity!

I took advantage of a quiet weekend to work on some things that have been put on the back burner for some very patient loved ones.

My poor hubby and one of my dear friends have been asking for bags for some time but,other things kept coming up and I never got around to them. I was able to get them BOTH done this weekend!

My hubby's bag was rather boring and blah as far as I'm concerned but he insisted he just wanted plain black canvas with no extra frills or hardware. Really?! No wonder I kept putting it off. I did sneak a few extras in, like the embroidered tag and the key clip. I just made a basic messenger bag (there are oodles of tutorials out there), added a front pocket, a separation panel in the interior, added a key clip on the inside and an adjustable strap. Pretty much as boring basic as it gets. I will say that after you get more than a couple of layers of canvas in the machine, it becomes the sewing equivalent to wrestling an alligator. There were parts where I had to go through three layers of canvas and a layer of cotton, I am really impressed my machine made it through!

A dear friend has been asking and waiting oh so patiently for a bag for a few months. After Christmas, we finally picked out some fabrics and I got it done this weekend. She picked out some aqua chevron and an orange Joel Dewberry print that I've been hoarding for some time. It's easily one of my favorites ever, but she's totally worth it. I followed Sweet Verbena's tutorial, which I love. I think I've made at least 6 of these in the last year.

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