Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random tutorials... My summer must dos from Pinterest --

Seems like the more time I spend on Pinterest, the more things that accumulate on my boards. I want to live in Pinterest land, but seeing as that's not gonna happen I am just going to settle with finally comitting to do some awesome things that have been on my radar for much too long! Maybe by writing a post about them I will hold myself accountable.

Enameling Pennies. A friend of mine made some amazing earrings by using pennies and nail polish...The possibilities are endless!!!

DIY extracts...This has been on my list of to-dos for a while. I recently bought a stevia plant for my herb garden and can't wait to try my hand at my own Stevia Extract.

Baseball bracelet. I've had this one pinned for over a year, and I honestly don't know what is taking me so long. LOVE this.

Fabric awesome to use up scraps! I always keep forgetting to look to see if I can find the watch faces without the bands when I go to craft store.

Chevron Table runner. It's no secret I am clueless when it comes to quilting, but even this looks like it may be doable for even me.

Garden stones...I want to have my three year old make one, then add a new one each year :)

Gah!!! So much prettier than the cheap terra cotta pots...and so much cheaper than the pretty pottery ones!

Cloth napkins....This is one I'm kind of ashamed to admit! I've still been using paper napkins, and for no other reason than laziness! I know I can make them uber cheap and they are so much prettier than the Brawny designs but it's not been a priority...but it needs to be! Shame on me.
No tutorial for this one, just inspiration. I knew I held on to all those old ticket stubs for a reason, they were waiting for just this! This would be easy to re create with either something printed on the paper in the shadow box, or as I would like to do but etching something onto the glass.
This is another that has been on my list, much too long! It needs to happen this summer!

 Now, I better get to starting some of these before I find something else to add!

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