Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye Summer & Hello New Fabric

I have no idea how it is already September. It's been an absolutely lovely summer around here, with mild temps and I am sad to see it go. I do wish we had more pool time but I'll gladly forgo the pool for milder temps. As we say goodbye to cookouts, zoo trips, and days in the garden, we are trying to wring out the last little bits of summer. It's a particularly bittersweet few weeks for me, as my little one begins preschool which means he's officially a "Big Boy". I long for the days of snuggles before bed, peaceful naps and baby giggles.

As we start prepping for this big transition, I find myself with renewed energy and a desire to tackle some home projects. It just so happens that I just placed a huge fabric order that arrived earlier this week. I always find myself swooning when I get new fabric, (I know, total dork). With some fresh fabric, I have loads of what I want it to "be" floating around in my head. I always wonder what they will end up as, I rarely order fabric with a specific project in mind.

One thing I do think is on my list, before I get to those home projects, is a gym bag. I feel like too often I use the excuse of not having my workout gear handy when I leave work. If I had a cute new bag to load up with my gym clothes and shoes, I would have one less excuse to skip the gym.

I have been going back and forth with which patten would best suit me. I do love SewSweetness bags, and  I've been eying the Aeroplane bag (love the size and the length of the zipper).

Aeroplane Bags

The Supertote by Noodlehead has also piqued my interest, as it has the perfect sized compartments (it even has a spot for your shoes!!!).


Lastly I bought the most recent issue of Stitch magazine , specifically for the bag on the cover...but it does have a similar feel to the Aeroplane bag.

 Stitch Fall 2013

 I don't think I could go wrong with any of them really, but I am so utterly indecisive!

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