Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peas and Carrots lunch bag

My sewing machine has decided it hates me. I managed to get it to get it to cooperate long enough to do a pattern test for Sara of SewSweetness for her new lunch bag pattern.

In defense of my machine, I did ask it to go through a layer of fabric, interfacing, headliner fabric, insulbrite AND PUL. All without a walking or Teflon foot. It was a battle of wills, one that I ALMOST lost, but after setting the tension to +3...(isn't that nuts?!) I was able to wrangle this through my little Singer.

Clearly, the fact that I can't get a decent stitch without the tension jacked all the way up should be a good indication that my machine is currently in protest. 

Aside from the difficulties with my machine, this pattern is so super straightforward and adorable! I opted for the rounded version of the bag, but there is another boxy version of the bag included with the pattern. I didn't want to deal with hand binding (as Sara recommends) for the other version of the bag, so I went with the rounded one. I think the longest part of the construction is the basting of all the layers together... as there are several layers to this bag. 

The only difficult part is getting all the layers through smoothly. I'm sure those with nicer machines and/ or walking foots will have a much easier time. I think if I had sacrificed the use of the headliner fabric it would have been easier, but it really does add a crisp structure to the bag.  

So, it's clear my machine is in need of some TLC before attempting another one, but I certainly will be, it's a wonderful sized lunch bag and with the appropriately functioning machine/ feet it would be a breeze. Even with the challenges my machine posed, I finished the whole thing in just a few hours (not including cutting). There are also some super cute zippered snack bag pattern included. I didn't get a chance to make any but they are the perfect sizes! 

My machine will be heading to the doctor ASAP! Ugh :(

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