Saturday, February 22, 2014

Coconut oil for the accident prone sewer

I've totally jumped on the coconut oil band wagon. It has become a part of my daily life as a moisturizer, a make up remover and as a cleanser. It has replaced almost all of my cooking oils. There are oodles of sites touting the wonders of this stuff. As someone with crazy dry skin, I slather this stuff on to combat itchy winter skin. 

What I didn't realize is that this stuff has some medicinal properties as well. I've used it mixed with tea tree oil to very effectively clear up my son's athlete foot and help with his eczema. According to some, it has both antibacterial and anti fungal properties. 

I happened upon my favorite use for this stuff purely by accident. As a sewer and a certified klutz, I seem to burn myself with an iron way more than any reasonable person should. After a particularly nasty bout with the iron, I was left with two very painful burns on my arm that I was sure was going to blister and hurt for days. I frantically searched for something with aloe in it to soothe my skin, and having nothing, thought why not try the coconut oil? In my mind it was kind of the same thing. Except it really, really worked. 

I slathered on the coconut oil, hoping for the best and I was quite frankly amazed at the result. Within 30 minutes, the burn barely hurt and by the next morning...IT DIDN'T HURT AT ALL. Not even a little. Physically, it still looked bad, but no pain at all. Looking at the burn, it absolutely should have blistered but it didn't. Within a couple days it had scabbed over. I kept applying the coconut oil and it didn't scar. 

Since then, I've used it every time and had the same amazing results. It's like magic! I've told a few of my friends and they've experienced the same result. It's seriously amazing. 

The next time you have a mishap with your iron, rinse the burn under cold water (which should be the first thing you do with a burn regardless), then liberally apply coconut oil to the area. Repeat frequently, especially for the first couple of days. 

****I should add that I am not a physician and I'm not giving medical advice, if you have a burn that requires medical treatment then please, please do so. Coconut oil should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment for severe burns. I've used it only on burns that were minor enough that I would not have otherwise sought out medical treatment. ****

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Mara said...

Coconut Oil is wonderful (wish we could get some in Greece)! Also try adding Lavender oil to it and it will heal even faster plus it will smell good.