Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Butterfly Sling Purse Sew Along Day 3

Welcome Back! Now that we have tackled that zipper pocket, today is gonna be smooth sailing! For Day 3 we are going to be continuing to work on our exterior pieces as well as getting our internal pocket completed. Today we will be: attaching the magnetic snaps, making our closure strap, attaching part of our turn lock, making and attaching the shoulder strap tabs and making our folding card slot panel for the internal pocket.

Seems likes a lot, but each of these steps are pretty quick so we can easily knock them all out today. Ready? Lets keep on sewing!

Grab your completed panel from yesterday, your fray check, a marking pen, your magnetic snaps and your ruler. Carefully measure and mark your placement for the snaps according to the pattern directions (quadruple check your measurements!!!). Once you are super sure that your marking is correct, use your seam ripper to carefully make a slit for the prongs of your magnetic snap. Before sliding your snap through, dab the holes with a drop of fray check. Then push your snaps through the fabric and the washer on the backside of your fabric. If you'd like some more tips on attaching a magnetic snap check out this tutorial here

Let's move on to making our closure strap next. Have you decided whether you'd like the end of your closure strap rounded or squared? Now is the time to commit, so if you'd like you round the end off yours, trace along the provided pattern piece and cut the edge of your tab. Then lets sew these two together, wrong sides together, except we will be leaving a opening on the SIDE of the closure tab so we can turn them. As indicated in the pattern, it's helpful if you press each side of the opening away from the hole, one at a time before you turn it. This will help you get a crisper edge. Now flip this right side out, give it a good press and top stitch around the entire tab. 

Once we have our closure tab completed, we are going to be attaching this to the bag. Refer to the pattern to see where you will be attaching your closure tab. Make sure that you go slowly so that you can see where you are stitching, you want to sew directly on top of your previous line of stitching. 

Now that we have this completed grab your turn portion of the turn lock and the backing for this. Measure your placement according to the pattern and carefully mark your lines to cut for the prongs. Get your fray check and seam ripper and cut small slits for the prongs (always start small) and then dab on a drop of fray check for each hole. Push your turn lock through, then secure through the back piece just as you did the magnetic snaps. 

Set that piece aside for now and grab your should strap tab pieces. Fold in half lengthwise and sew together. Now we have to turn this tiny tube, which may cause some bad words, but I promise it'll turn. I have a tube turner and it's invaluable for smaller pieces like this. You can pick one up pretty cheap or you can slowly work it right side out with a blunted opbject (like a knitting needle). Once you have it turned, center the seam in the middle of the tab and press well. Top stitch the long edges slide your rectangle ring onto the tab and baste along the bottom raw edge. 

Pick up the exterior panel we have been working with and carefully mark your tab pieces according to the pattern directions and baste them to your exterior panel piece as indicated.  I like to draw a line on my peices to match up at the correct points. 

Now we can set our panel aside and prepare and make our card slot pockets. Pick up one of your card slot panels and mark according to the pattern directions. I like to actually mark the measurements on my piece as I go, so that I can make sure I have marked it correctly. 

Head over to your pressing area and press the pockets into an accordion per the pattern directions. It will look like this:

Top stitch along the top folds, then baste the sides together. Then cut as indicated in the pattern and finish this panel but carefully marking and stitching down the center of each panel. Repeat for the other panel.

 Now admire your completed card slot panels and you are done for today! Tomorrow we will be adding the top zippers and finishing our bag. 

Don't forget to share your photos of your progress or completed bag to Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #butterflyslingsewalong now through November 4th to be entered to win one of (4) Ten Dollar gift cards for Emmaline Bags

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