Thursday, October 13, 2016

Butterfly Sling Purse Sew Along Day 4

Welcome Back!! Today is our final day in the #butterflyslingsewalong. 
That means we will be finishing our bag! Now, don't feel that you HAVE to sewing right along with us. These posts will remain up permanently, so feel free to join at your own pace. You have until November 3rd to add and tag your photos using the tag #butterflyslingsewalong. 
Ready to get sewing?! First up we are going to prepare our zippers. Cut them to exactly 10" making sure that you cut off the metal ends on both sides. Secure the ends of your zippers by adding a couple of lines of stitching 5/8" away from each end. Now mark 3/4" away from the end of the zipper on each side. Grab your 1" x 2" pieces and place one right down on your zipper, with the edge of the tab directly against the mark you made on your zipper. 

Sew this down using a 1/4" seam allowance on the side closest to the end of the zipper. Then press this back against the zipper and topstitch the edge closest to the zipper. Repeat this for all 4 zipper ends.

Then as indicated in the pattern, trim away excess fabric and excess tape under the tabs (you don't want to have to sew through the zipper tape later). Now we have 2 completed zippers. 

Now, the next few steps may seem confusing but they really aren't. It's just a matter of getting your head around the order of adding the zippers to the panels. 

Your double stick tape will be your BFF here btw,

Ok, lets start by putting one of your card slot panels RIGHT side up, then putting one of your zippers RIGHT side up along the top edge with the pull on the LEFT. Then Take your panel with the turn lock attached and at the strap tabs at the TOP and place this WRONG side up on top of your zipper. 

Now once you've secured your zipper sandwich, pop on your zipper foot and sew along the top across. You may need to stop partway through sewing your zipper and move your zipper pull out of the way. To do this leave your needle down and reach in and push your zipper pull towards the stitching you have already done (I always start on the side opposite of my zipper pull). 

Then flip your pieces wrong side together and press well. Your panel will now look like this on the backside. 

Now, grab your other card slot pocket and put it RIGHT side up, take your other zipper and place it on top RIGHT side up with your zipper pull to the RIGHT. Then take the OPPOSITE end of the exterior panel we were just working with and place this WRONG side up. So the end that has the turn portion of the turn lock will be the edge that we are sewing down. Once you've secured this zipper sandwich, sew across the top edge. Again, turn these wrong side together and press well. This will be what the other end of your bag looks like now: 

So, now we need to add the other half to our pockets and the other exterior panel. Let's start with the 10" x 5 1/2" lining piece. Lay this RIGHT SIDE up on your table, then take your exterior panel with the closure strap and turn lock (we've already attached the zipper to this piece so we are just sewing that lining panel to it) and place this WRONG SIDE upon top of the lining panel and stitch across. It will now look like this, as we have created our first pocket.

Now we are going to finish our last pocket. Grab your last lining pocket piece and again lay this RIGHT side up on your table. Then take your exterior panel with the long part of the closure strap and strap tabs and place this WRONG side up on top of your lining pocket piece. Aligning the top of the lining pocket piece to the top of the zipper tape on the exterior panel. Sew across the top edge, then grab your other exterior panel piece, making sure your card window is at the top then sew this over the zippers wrong side up in the same manner you sewed the other pieces! You are ALL DONE with you zippers! Your panel will now look like this on the inside:

Whew, the hard parts are all over, now we just need to close this lady up! Now that you have all your zipper pockets complete you will be left with a giant rectangle, which we will be sewing around. 

No one likes dented corners, so it's important to make sure that we prepare our zippers before we sew. Firstly, make sure that both zippers are completely open (or you will be cursing a lot when you go to turn your bag). Then carefully make sure that both zippers are positioned so that the teeth of the zippers are RIGHT side together (pin if needed to make sure they stay in this position when you sew, it will look they are pinched together while sewing, but they won't look that way once they are sewn....if you don't then they will end up looking recessed or wonky). Pin or clip the sides together, then sew around as indicated in the pattern, leaving a hole in the bottom of one of the pockets to turn your bag. Did I mention to make sure that both of your zippers are open?

Now, clip your corners, and flip your bag right side out. Press the bottom open edge well stitch the opening closed once you've done a thorough inspection of your exterior (did you catch all your seams, did your closure tab, shoulder tabs, etc., get caugh anywhere?). Then press the bag well. Maggie of Maggie Made bags did an amazing write up on how to press your bags here

We are in the home stretch! We just need to add the other half of our turn locks and make/ attach our shoulder strap. Get your bag and the open portion of your turn lock, find the best placement for your turn lock and mark this. Then trace around the opening of your turn lock (the inside circle).

Using some sharp small scissors, cut around the circle you made (always start smaller, you can take more out!) Once you have a nice fit, see the pattern instructions to install the remainder of your turn lock. 

Let's make our straps and finish up our bag! 

Following the pattern directions, sew up your straps, attach the slider and then attach your strap to your bag. And you are all done!! Enjoy your fancy new bag!

Thank you so much so sewing along with us!! Don't forget to use the hashtag #butterflyslingsewalong when posting your photos on Instagram and Facebook! We will be randomly drawing 4 Ten Dollar Gift Cards for Emmaline Bags on November 4th, so you have until then to sew up and share your bags! Thanks Janelle! I hope you enjoy this bag as much as I do!

Happy Sewing

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