Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Luxie Sewalong day 3

Welcome back for day 3 of the Luxie Sew along! Today is a short day, and our last day of prep work before we start putting everything together. This will be a short day, so that anyone can catch up if they missed a day. 

Assembling the exterior zipper pocket:

Grab your completed zippper with tabs attached and we are gonna make a pocket sandwich. 

 Take the lining piece of bottom of zipper pocket and place it on your surface right side up. The grab your zipper and place it right side up, aligning the top edge of your zipper to the top edge of the lining piece. I like to use double sided tape or glue instead of pins or clips, but use whatever you are comfortable with. Then take the exterior piece of your pocket and place this WS up (so that the fabrics are RST) and align the top edges. Again secure with your preferred method and then using your zipper foot, sew these layers together using a 1/4" seam allowance. 

Fold your exterior and lining away from the zipper and press them well. Then top stitch along the bottom edge of your zipper. Your panel will now look like this:

Now, take the small piece of the exterior pocket, which is your top piece. and place it RS down and align the top edges of the fabric and the zipper. Secure and then again using your zip foot and a 1/4" seam allowance sew these layers together.  Press this well so that on the top of your zipper there is one layer of fabric and below the zipper you have BOTH your exterior and lining piece. 

Top stitch along the edge of the zipper and your exterior zipper pocket is DONE! Easy peasy! 

Tomorrow we will start assembling our exterior and you'll see the bag starting to take shape. If you still need to catch up, you can use this day to do so. See you tomorrow!

Don't forget to share your photos to the Emmaline Facebook group, or on Instagram with the hashtag #Luxiesewalong! I'd love to see your progress shots and as a bonus, those who share their completed Luxie using the hashtags by July 31st will be entered to win one of three Emmaline Bags Gift cards! You could win a 10, 15 or even a 20 dollar gift card to Emmaline Bags (think of all the bling!). 

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