Friday, October 3, 2014

Purse Palooza 2014

I'm excited to be a part of Purse Palooza this year over at Sew Sweetness! Pop on over to check out my review of the Betty Bowler by Swoon Patterns!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Pirates Treasure Wallet Blog Tour

Today, I'm super excited to be a part of the Pirate's Treasure Wallet Blog Tour for FABulous Home Sewn. I had the pleasure of sewing up this fun little wallet for my five year old.

My son picked out this cute Japanese train and car print I've had in my stash for forever and this other gray fabric that I cut off the selvedge too long ago to remember what it is. 

This is THE perfect little boy's wallet, with 4 card slots, a see through ID pocket as well as a zippered pocket for change, 


The wallet is secured closed by velcro and it's got LOTS of places for little boys to store all their treasures.

As soon as I finished trimming the threads my little guy snatched it from me and started to stuff it with his "credit cards" pictures and money. I had to bribe him to let me take some pictures!

This was such a fun wallet to make, and it's a quick afternoon or evening project that could be completed by a beginner. It requires so little fabric, it's a great scrap buster and would be a great gift for any little guys in your life! Heck, I think with few adjustments it would be great for ANY guy in your life. You can head over to Crafty and get your copy here.

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out the other awesome bloggers on the tour as well as entering in the giveaway!  

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coming Spring 2014

Things have been quiet around here lately, sorry about that! I just haven't been feeling up to a lot lately, because of this: 

I don't remember the first trimester being this rough last time. I guess it's really true that each one is different. Hopefully in the next month I'll get my energy back snd can make up for lost time. In the meantime I'll be spending a lot of evenings curled up on the couch pinning and doing some hand stitching.

Happy Sewing :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Rockstar Bag

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately! There's been a lot brewing and I will share soon, but for now, I am sharing my latest bag which is the Rockstar Bag by Sew Sweetness. I had the opportunity to test her newest pattern and like all of Sara's patterns, it's totally fab!

This bag is a medium sized handbag with plenty of room for all your essentials. On the exterior there is a zippered pocket and a snap pocket, and you have your choice of a shoulder strap or handles. It has a top zip to keep the contents secure and two interior zip pockets. 

The pattern has a LOT of pieces and it seems a bit daunting when you are cutting what seems like endless pieces (or maybe that's just me because I hate cutting fabric lol) but it was a relatively quick sew considering all the pieces. I used a print from Pat Bravo's Rock and Romance line, because it seemed appropriate. I'm planning to add some bling to that front pocket but didn't get around to it yet. I am thinking of adding some iron on nickel skulls to the flap but maybe that would be too much?

This was my first time attempting to use rivets and I can tell you, rivets and I are NOT friends. I tried and tried and could not get them, so what you see on my handle tabs are actually eyelets that covered the mistakes I made with the rivets. I got over confident after the 20th attempt in my practice fabric and thought I could do it and I was very upset thinking that I had just ruined this bag, but I don't think the eyelets look bad. We will just pretend they are rivets. I've since learned that the problem was not me but using a much too long post on the rivets so hopefully if I get brave enough to do them again we will get along much better. 

Head over to Sara's shop and pick up a copy of this pattern, you will not be disappointed!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Emmaline Bag

This past weekend I had just enough time to make myself a new bag. I wanted a quick sew, as I have a LOT of projects coming up. I had hemmed and hawed over making myself The Emmaline Bag of Emmaline Bags and for whatever reason I had never gotten around to it. I finally decided it was time and got the pattern and headed out for a quick visit to my LQS and picked up an amazing print from the Summer Love line by Pat Bravo. I had circled the store a gazillion times looking for nothing in particular and I kept coming back to this print, so it was meant to be. I paired it with this awesome Squared Elements in merlot and I love how it came out.

Having never made this pattern, I wasn't sure how easily it would come together but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to finish it in an evening. As with Janelle's other patterns, every step is written very clearly and the photos make it super easy to follow along.

I love the overall look of this bag and I'm a sucker for pleats.

The only variation from the pattern I made was instead of making a sleeve in the bottom piece to fit in a piece of template plastic to give structure to the bottom, I used a piece of Peltex instead (call me lazy I suppose).

The interior has both a slip and zip pocket (at this point I don't think a bag is totally functional unless it has an interior zip pocket...maybe so I can pretend to be organized).

I would absolutely recommend this pattern to anyone who is looking for a mid-size hand bag with a unique shape that is beginner friendly. Although it is beginner friendly, it's shape and features make a satisfying sew for anyone who loves to sew bags.

My husband says he likes it because it's not "enormous" like most of the other bags that I carry...sorry I'm a over sized bag girl but this bag is so cute that I am making an exception. I see myself making this bag again, I might even try to enlarge the pattern pieces a bit, but even as it is it would still be considered a perfect purse size by normal standards. In addition to Janelle's awesome patterns in her shop, she has the BEST purse hardware and some bag bling you won't find anywhere else. Go check out her shop and see what I mean!

Happy Hump day!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ruffled Hobo

Quite some time ago, I won a jelly roll but as a non-quilter I had no idea what to do with this thing. All these little strips? I had just made a similar quilt and didn't want to do another just like it, so there it had sat. As I was cleaning up my sewing room from the ginormous mess I had created doing my pinwheel mini (seriously how does one person make such a mess?!). While straightening my shelves, I eyed the jelly roll once again. Aside from not knowing how to use it, the muted neutrals of the Moda Little Black Dress 2 are not my normal style. Then a thought popped into my head.

I pulled my copy of Sew Serendipity bags off the shelf and flipped through the projects and found what I was looking for: The Ruffled Hobo bag. I had admired that pattern since I bought the book almost 2 years ago, but knew I lacked the patience to cut so many strips and that the pattern looked much too advanced for me then. With a little more confidence and a full jelly roll to save me from all that cutting, I decided to go for it and began assembling the strips for the many ruffles.

Whoever came up with the dental floss trick for ruffles: I heart you.

The front panel came together quickly, but I honestly went rogue on the directions and kind of made it up as I went along. For some reason the directions weren't jiving with me late that evening. For that reason, I only made the front panel ruffled (that and I was seriously getting tired of ruffles).

I just pieced together several of the strips to make the back panel. As you can see, it's little slouchier than I normally make. I only used decor bond to interface the exterior panels, and Shape Flex 101 on the strap and lining. I did however, use some headliner fabric to stabilize the bottom/side panel as the pattern actually calls for Peltex. I think the headliner fabric was a decent substitute, as the remainder of the bag wasn't as structured either. I also top stitched the top of the bag (which isn't in the directions), as I noticed that the recessed zipper kept wanting to pop up. 

I changed the strap out, the pattern has pieces for the handle that use a large buckle, but I didn't have one on hand and I really just wanted to get it finished, so I made an adjustable strap instead. 

Since the exterior was so muted, I made the lining out of a bright green solid to give it some color. it's divided pocket is great for keeping your phone handy so you don't have to fish around in the bottom of the bag.

Overall, I'm happy with the bag, but I wish the directions had been slightly more clear. It would have saved me a lot of time figuring out how to make it on my own. I am surprised at how roomy it actually is, I expected that it wouldn't be large enough for my every day bag, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

I think I have the ruffles out of my system now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pinwheel quilt

I am an incredibly indecisive person. I probably spend more time brooding over what to make and fabric choices for each project than I do making them. This quilt was no exception.

I didn't intend to make another quilt, but I really want to play with some designs to see if I could pull any of them off. The fabrics in this case were actually the easiest part. I received a few lovely fat quarters from Anna Maria Horner's Diwrt line earlier this year from Camp Stitchalot. I really liked these prints but wasn't really sure what to do with them. 

One night, I got an itch to start playing and made some half square triangles. I had never made a HST before but I decided to play around. 

I found that making the HSTs weren't hard at all and actually was quicker than I expected. I toyed with several layouts:

Please excuse the cat photobombing

Not really knowing what I was doing, I sketched out some ideas and consulted Pinterest and found this layout: 

 My husband pointed out that he thought this looked like something unpleasant, but I went with it anyways. 

And I'm glad I did. 

I used Ikea fabric for the backing and the contrasting fabric on the HSTs. I used what little scraps I had left from the Dowry to make the scrappy binding. I was hesitant to use a scrappy binding, but I really liked how it worked out.

This quilt is far from perfect, and you may spot the very large obvious mistake, but I think it's cheerful and it makes me happy :) I have a lot to learn about quilting but I did have fun making it.