Friday, March 15, 2013

Bag Loving blog hop

It's no secret that bags are my absolute favorite thing to sew! In order to get any kind of street cred in the sewing world it seems like one must be a quilter but the idea of quilting hasn't really appealed to me. Not that I don't love to look at them, because I do! There are so many amazing quilt patterns and designer out there that I am taken away by some of their gorgeous works of art, but the whole process of quilting seems so incredibly tedious and scientific to me. I read about all these "UFO"s and how long it takes to complete a project and I am in awe.

 I am an immediate gratification kind of girl. I want to know when I start a project that I can finish it in a reasonable amount of time. Typically, for me this is a week...TOPS, more likely it's only a couple of days before I really start to lose interest. In addition to my need for immediate gratification, I don't like to STOP working on things until they are complete, I cannot imagine how I would be if my projects took weeks to complete. Bags on the other hand, usually can be done in a day or so, depending on the bells and whistles involved. They are also something that I use every single day and I feel like I can never have too many! Like quilts, the design elements are infinite and unlike quilts, they are often more forgiving of small errors. I love reading and seeing what others have designed and created and I find a constant source of inspiration on the internet and through so many awesome blogs out there!

 I'm so glad that I happened across the bag loving blog hop hosted by ChrisW Designs! It's such an awesome idea to link to some great blogs that have a great love for bag making and designing! I already have my Saturday morning earmarked to see what awesome blogs have linked up while I enjoy my coffee :) Happy Friday!

What do you have to do? It's easy! (Please note links now require approval due to spamming :( so will be approved after all 3 steps have been carried out! Please make sure your blog has posts about BAGS!)
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