Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fireside Bowl Bag

I am so extraordinarily done with this winter. Luckily, I am feeling better but now I'm on a snow day, go figure. At least I can say I've finally completed a project this year!

I'm slowly working my way through Big City Bags by Sara Lawson, and the Fireside Bowl bag is one of my favorite patterns in the book. I've been swooning over these bowler style bags popping up, I was glad to see one in this book,as it saves me from having to buy another pattern and Sara's patterns are so easy to follow.

As is apparent from some of my other bags I love red and blues together, it reminds me of some mod kitchen out of the sixties and these colors seemed perfect for this bag.

It was a pretty easy sew, the only somewhat challenging part was getting the front and backs attached to the zipper panel evenly (I think I use a gazillion pins when lining up curved pieces. It did require some hand sewing on the interior,  which I'm really not great at, but I think I did ok. 

I did decide to leave off the accent pieces  the pattern calls for, I think it's a beautiful touch but I wanted to keep it to two fabrics. I almost added some piping it but decided against it. 

It's actually a really roomy bag, and I was surprised by how large it is (this is what happens when you don't read the whole pattern, huh?).

Now that I'm snowbound today, I need to decide on my next project. Maybe I'll get up the courage to cut into some of those lovely fq bundles I have! 

Stay warm! 

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