Monday, April 14, 2014

So I made a quilt


I did it, I can finally say I made a quilt. This is much more gratifying than I had thought it would be. 
I decided that I was going to use the fat quarter bundle of Lottie Da that I had won from Little Bluebell during the last Sew Mama Sew giveaway day. 


I finished this top a couple of weeks ago and then it got put off to the side while I had to take care of other non-sewing related things. At the end of last week, I finally purchased the batting and the backing fabric, as well as a bias tape maker (thanks to the lovelies at Camp Stitchalot for showing me how super easy it really was). After a couple of not-so successful attempts at basting the quilt, I realized I better do some more research into how to properly baste (masking tape, duh). A million pins later this guy was basted and considering I know diddly squat about quilting anything, I just did some straight line quilting. 


I saved the orange prints from the line to use to make the binding. It was 80 degrees here yesterday, and I sat diligently under this quilt and hand bound the majority of it while trying not to melt. I went to bed with about 8 inches left to bind but my poor fingers could take no more. I brought it with me to work, and finished it up in the morning downtime. 

What? You mean not everyone sews at work?!


My friend helped me get some photos and snapped this one of me proudly draped in the quilt. I *might* be a little giddy that I completed this.  It's far from perfect, and I can see about 10 things that I know I could do better, but I feel accomplished having it done. Will I make another quilt? At some point I think I might get the urge. I mainly wanted to do this to prove that I could. It really demystified a lot of the process for me and the idea of quilting isn't quite as scary. I still would much prefer projects that I can do from start to finish in short order. Now I'm back to making bags, but maybe I might try to incorporate quilting into some bags.

Thanks to everyone who gave me the confidence to do this. You know who you are and you rock :)

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