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Where to get the best prices on interfacings

Interfacing is one of the most expensive materials that we put into our bags, and it is probably one of the most important. It seems everyone has their preferred place to shop and has their own "stock up price". Today, I'm going to try and work out where the best places to buy the most commonly used interfacings in bag making. As prices do tend to be fluid, the list is just a guideline and prices are subject to change. For ALL products the prices per yard I am giving you are based on 20" wide widths, as that is the standard for the Pellon Products. Also, there are many sellers not listed, but I generally listed the stores with the lowest prices. This post contains affiliate links.

Woven Fusible

Pellon Shapeflex 101

JoAnn Fabrics:

By the yard, Joann has a regular price of 6.99 per yard on shapeflex. This is marginally better if you buy a 10 yard bolt, where the price per yard is 5.29. Joann's sale prices vary extensively and you can find interfacing anywhere from 30-60% off. The lowest I have seen it is when you are able to use a coupon for 60% off, bringing it down to 2.80 a yard at the per yard price or 2.11 by the bolt. This is the same deal as when they allow you to stack a 50% off sale with a 20% off coupon. Consider shipping cost into this if you choose to buy online. LOWEST PRICE 2.11 per yard when you purchase a bolt.


The lowest price I have seen on shapeflex at Walmart is 42.00 for a 15 yard bolt on This includes free shipping or free store pick up. Although I have seen this price fluctuate quite a bit as well, it tends to generally stay around this price. LOWEST PRICE 2.80 per yard when you buy a 15 yard bolt.


Overstock is another popular option with bag makers. You can purchase a shopping pass for the year for 19.99 which would give you free shipping on all purchases. You can purchase a 10 yard bolt for 26.09 and not including shipping it would be 2.61 a yard.  A 10 yard bolt of 60" wide runs 74.24 per bolt or 2.47 per yard (when adjusted to the comparable 20" wide). LOWEST PRICE 2.47 per yard. 


Oh how I love you Amazon Prime! But you let me down when it comes to my interfacing. There are no Prime options available for Shapeflex and the lowest price offered is 20.49 for a 10 yard bolt. Which doesn't sound so bad until you factor in a minimum of 7.90 shipping, which I will include in this price simce there is no way around it. LOWEST PRICE 2.76 per yard. 


This product has seemingly taken the bag making world by storm. I use it and I personally love it. It gives all the body of Shapeflex and is easier to fuse and typically costs much less. At 45" wide you get 2.25 % more than the 20" Shapeflex. The only downside is the shipping costs. At 7.90 for a Flat Rate, it's not unreasonable but you don't get the perk of free shipping that you can get from other retailers, so I will factor the shipping into the costs. A 7 yard pacakge of 45" wide woven fuse will run you 32.40. Compared to the 20" wide Shapeflex, that's 2.05 a yard. If you are able to purchase in bulk, you can get 37 yards shipped for 141.15 that works out to 1.70 per yard when adjusted to the 20" shapeflex. LOWEST PRICE 1.70 per yard.

Fashion Fuse:


I used this product back before Wovenfuse was available and it's honestly 100% comparable to Shapeflex, except I always found that it was a consistent product (which has been an issue with some Shapeflex I have used). You can purchase it at Wawak in the US, and Cleaner's Supply in Canada. In the US it is 25.00 for a 5 yard bolt of 46" wide Fashion Fuse, you can get free shipping at orders over 99 so I am not including that in this price. That works out to 2.17 a yard. LOWEST PRICE 2.17 a yard

Best buy for Woven Fusible:

The Winner: Wovenfuse at 1.70-2.05 per yard
Runner Up: JoAnn COUPON ONLY price or Fashion Fuse at regular price.


There are several options to use for foams, I can't tell you which is best, I think everyone has a preference. They are mostly the same product, my favorites are By Annie's Soft and Stable and Bosal In R Form. I personally do not like fusible foams, and I will not be including them here. I will break down the three types I know of and what the price points are. 

Pellon Flex Foam:


JoAnn has Pellon Flex Foam 77 at regular price for 105.00 for a 10 yard bolt of 20" wide. That's 10.50 per yard....OUCH. Stack coupons, similarly to the Shapeflex deals and you can get this for 4.20 per yard


Overstock has the same 10 yard bolt as JoAnn, but at 58.49 regular price, making it 5.84 per yard

Winner: Joann WITH coupon deal

Bosal in R Form:

Create for Less:

Create for Less has a 1 yard package of 58" wide Bosal sew in for 19.74. With the extra width that's comparable to 2.9 yards of Pellon. Making it the equivalent of 6.81 per yard. You can qualify for free shipping with orders over 50. 


Walmart has one yard packages of Bosal sew in for 17.77 plus 4.49 shipping (no options for free shipping on this one), making it 7.68 per yard.


You can grab this same package for 13.79 and get free shipping on orders over 75 dollars. Making this one 4.76 per yard. I am not certain if this is a regular price. 


Bulk purchasers can score a 15 yard bolt of 58" foam for 229.95, which breaks down to 5.23 per yard with free Prime shipping. The only other option for sew in on Amazon is the 18" x 58" width for 9.82 with Prime shipping, making that 6.55 per yardLOWEST PRICE 5.23 per yard.

Winner: Craftmore at 4.76 per yard
Runner up: Amazon at 5.23-6.55 per yard

Soft and Stable:


Amazon has been my go to for this product, you can score a 36" x 58" package for 18.99 with prime, making it 6.54 per yard. Pick up a 72" x 58" package for 34.94 with Prime (I've actually seen this price flucuate between 30 and 36 dollars on this item), making it 6.02 per yard. LOWEST PRICE 6.02 per yard.


Walmart has various sizes of Soft and Stable, but the 72" x 58" package is the same price as Amazon at 34.94. Making it 6.02 per yard

Connecting Threads:

Connecting Threads frequently runs 30% off sales, and I know this is where some bagmakers get theirs and stock up during the sales. You can get a 18" x 58: package for 8.37 during the sales. Making it 5.58 per yard, free shipping on all orders over 50 dollars. 

There are othe retailers that sell this, but these are the lowest that I have found. 

Winner: Connecting Threads during the 30% off sales at 5.58 per yard. 
Runner up: Tie between Amazon and Walmart at 6.02 per yard. 

Best Buy for Foam:
  • Winner: Joann WITH COUPON ONLY at 4.20 per yard for Pellon when you purchase a bolt or Bosal at Craftmore at 4.76 per yard
  • Runner up: Connecting Threads during the 30% off sales at 5.58 per yard for Soft and Stable.
  • Honorable Mention: If you are in need and can't wait for a sale or coupon, your best bet is to hit up Amazon or Walmart at 6.02 a yard for the 2 yard package of Soft and Stable.

Hope this is helpful when trying to figure out where you can get the best value, at what prices to stock up on these! Do you have any other sources I am missing that have better values! Please let me know if I can add some other sellers to this list!

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