Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I heart Joel Dewberry


I got my copy of Big City Bags by Sara Lawson last week and knew that I wanted to make this Piccadilly Circus Bag ASAP. I am usually not a floral girl but I am yet to find a Joel Dewberry print that I don't adore, throw in some polka dots and I heart this combo. I've been a fan of Sara's bag patterns (they are amazing) and was stoked to get this book. The steps aren't as specific as the patterns in her shop but it was still super easy to follow, also she has a section on some common techniques used in bag making: adding zip pockets, zipper tops, and thank goodness also installing adjustable straps (these things are deceptive I swear, they are not hard to install but my brain ALWAYS gets confused about what goes where without blatant step by step instructions....EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.)

The pattern was seriously easy to follow and came together in less than a night. It did require some hand stitching on the interior of the bag, as I couldn't find a way to get the bottom of the zipper panel attached to the bottom of the lining by machine. (I tried it and it resulted in a lot of cursing and some quality time with my seam ripper.)


I also got to play with some of the decorative stitches on my machine, these leaves seemed perfect for this bag. 

You can see them much better on the top stitching on the interior pockets

I don't have a fabric "budget" (although I should), I tend to order stuff when I find a good sale, and I often buy half yard cuts, but I am a fastidious fabric cutter (waste not, want not right?) so I try and see how much I can squeeze out of these cuts. This usually means I use a third fabric on the lining (often a matching solid). This bag was pretty forgiving and I was able to not only get a bag out of my main prints, but I had enough left over to match a matching Necessary Clutch Wallet (another fave pattern). I just used a matching yellow solid on the interior for both since. 

My only complain is that I feel like I didn't interface the zipper panel enough, it's not as stiff as I would like (that's why it looks wonky in the center panel). It calls for one layer of the deco fuse, but I've normally used two and gotten better results.

Overall I'm in love with the bag and wallet, I heart Joel Dewberry, polka dots and this color combo. This fabric reminds me of retro textiles in a very good way. This bag is actually really big, and I love the zipper top! If you haven't already go and order this book!!!

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