Monday, July 24, 2017

Luxie Sew Along Day 1

Welcome to the first day of the Luxie Sew Along! Today is all about the prep work. If you are like me, this is the worst part of bag making but it's a neccessary evil to get to the fun part. 

Before we get started, make sure that you have your copy of Emmaline Bags Luxie Lunch Bag, you will need this pattern to follow along. As well as the following supplies:

1/2 Yard exterior Fabric
1/2 Yard exterior accent fabric
1/2 Yard lining fabric (PUL or some type of water restant fabric such as rip stop nylon or laminate is HIGHLY don't want something in your lunch bag spilling and ruining your pretty bag.)1
1/2 Yard Insulated fleece such as Isulbrite
10" x 21.5" Foam Stabilizer
1.25 Yard of piping, premade or make your own
22" or longer bag zipper...double pull is what I used. 
9" zipper
3/4 Yard of woven interfacing

A note about lining fabrics:

I would advise against using a plain cotton lining for your bag because those dumb comtainers always seem to leak out into your bag at some point and no one wants some spilled Italian dressing ruining your beautiful bag. 

PUL is what is recommended in the pattern and I agree that it is the perfect fabric for lining your luxie if you plan on using it as a lunch bag. It's easier to work with than a lot of vinyls and it is pretty water resistant and wipeable. The "shiny" side of the PUL is the right side of your fabric and the side with the fabric backing is your wrong side.You can generally find PUL in most big box fabric stores, on Etsy or even on Amazon. 

If you can't source PUL, you still have a couple of options:

Consider using some iron on vinyl, this is perfect if you have your heart set on a beautiful fabric print that you want to use. By using iron on vinyl, you can keep your fabric water proof but still use your favorite print. 

My friend Jenny of Sincerely Jen Sews is a genius (she really is!) and didn't have any iron on vinyl handy when she made her Luxie so she used some basic clear vinyl she had on hand and basted it around her lining pieces before she sewed her lining together. 

If you aren't planning on using your Luxie as a lunch bag, feel free to use whatever fabric you want for the lining. You may also swap out the isulated fleece for fussible fleece as well. 

Now, that's all out of the way, lets get cutting your bag!

Once you have your fabrics and interfacing cut, forge on and apply your fusible woven interfacing to the corresponding pieces. Hold off on basting or applying your fleece and foam, those will be applied in later steps. 

That's it for today! I know, not very exciting but better to get the boring stuff out of the way first right? Tommorrow, we are going to focus on piping and prepping our zippers. 

Thanks for joining!! 

Looking for the other days? 

To get notifications for the sewalong, you can join the Facebook event I created here


Unknown said...

I'm her for the sew along but I thought it was Live! Where are you?

Unknown said...

Pamela, It isn't live. Each day there will be a new blog post with guidance and tips.

acirnep said...

Is there a practical reason for using a zipper with double pull?
I've never used this kind of frames, but I imagine that you cannot really open it partially and slide your hand in because of them, you need to open it all the way, right?