Monday, May 13, 2013

Polka dot love

I heart polka dots.

And turquoise and orange.

And Bows.

So, this bag is my new favorite thing. Sadly, I don't get to keep it. I guess it's a good thing  to love what you make, right?

A good friend asked me to make her a new tote bag for work folders, and picked out the aqua and orange polka dots and told me to pick out what ever would work with it.  What works? That lovely Liberty London floral on the inside. I don't even care that it costs nearly sixteen dollars a yard, it's a-mazing! For me to like a floral, it's gotta be pretty special...I'm not really a flowers and pink kinda girl. But, I will make exceptions for something as awesome as this fabric.

The pattern is loosely based on Simplicity 1905, I used the main panel pieces but opted to box the bottom, rather than add the bottom panel. This changed the whole shape of the bag and I really like how it changed the overall look of the bag. I also added a zippered pocket, a slip pocket tends to snag on binders and folders and such.

The main panel is Kaffe Fassett Spots in Turquoise, and the bow is an art gallery solid.
I think I need another for me :)

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