Sunday, September 29, 2013

Silver Cinema Bag & Coin Purse

Recently I had the opportunity to test the latest bag pattern by Sara of Sew sweetness. As usual her patterns are so well done, the directions are clear and there are plenty of photos for those of us who are more visual learners.

This was my first time using a metal purse frame, and it didn't come without it's challenges.

I ordered my purse frames from While Baby Naps on Etsy, but my local JoAnn's had the smaller sized frame in stock. Sara recommends Gutermann glue but I decided to go with some E-6000 I had on hand.

The smaller bag was super easy to sew up, but getting it in the frame took a bit of fanagling. I used clothes pins to help hold the bag in the frame while I worked and that helped tremendously.

The bigger bag was also a very quick sew and getting the bag in the frame was a lot easier with this one.

So far the E-6000 is holding up well! 

These would make great Christmas presents and I'm planning on stocking up on the small frames to whip up some more. The small ones took seriously less than 30 mins from cutting to gluing!

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