Monday, July 7, 2014

Lady Skater

 Yay! I made a dress, but before I get any further let me apologize for a few things:

1) I am NOT a model and I look hopelessly awkward in most photos 
2) Nope, those aren't white stockings...those are my incredibly pale legs (thanks to my Polish/Irish grandmother for that
3) We snuck out at work to get these photos and for whatever reason we ended up with more stupid poses than decent shots of the dress. Oops.

A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to win 2 yards of organic jersey knit from Fabric Worm. I'm far from an expert with knits and aside from a few cardigans and a Lisette dress, I don't do much in the way of making clothes for myself. So this lovely jersey came right out of the washing machine and then sat on my shelf untouched. 

A couple of weeks ago, I ran across the Lady Skater Dress by Kitchy Coo on sale for five dollars. Yup, FIVE dollars. And guess how much fabric it calls for? 2 yards, so it was totally meant to be. 

It was a super quick sew and the sizing is pretty spot on. I did have some difficulty getting all the pieces cut from the two yards, even though I swore I followed the cutting directions (one day I will learn to follow directions). I ended up having to piece the back portion of the skirt together, so there is an extra seam in the back, but you really shouldn't be staring long enough at my tush to notice that anyway. 

The dress is super comfy and more flattering than I thought it would be. I purposefully cut the skirt one size larger and gathered it a bit in the front. It seemed a good idea at 2 a.m. anyways.

I'm seriously shocked at how quickly and easily it came together. I ended up winging the last few steps, only because it was late and I tend to not follow directions well when I'm tired. Luckily it ended up looking like it should, so I'm guessing I did what I was supposed to. I think I'll be making this one again, but I think I will lengthen the skirt and do a sleeveless dress.

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