Thursday, July 3, 2014

Totes Ma Totes

I think every bag I sew is my new favorite bag, until I sew another. However, I am seriously in looove with totes ma tote and I don't think that is changing for a while. I had been swooning over this bag since I saw Janelle's version in Jungle Avenue, so when she asked me if I would test for her, I was honored and super excited.

This bag has grommets y'all. Grommets. I heart grommets. 

Have you seen these oval grommets from Janelle's shop?! I want to add them to everything! She has some of the best bag hardware, from rings to zipper pulls, it's all sorts of awesomeness. 

This tote is seriously such a fun sew and it's super functional. It has a recessed zip closure, a zippered interior pocket, a divided slip pocket and a pocket secured with a magnetic snap. I am a pocket lover, so these make me so very happy. 

Did I mention it has grommets?

I love the buckle straps, and the addition of the eyelets. This was my first time using eyelets and I was a bit scared but it was relatively painless (once I followed the directions that came with my pliers).

The hardest part of this bag was finding the darn buckles. Seriously. Apparently the JoAnn closest to me doesn't carry buckles. Not a single one. I call shenanigans.

 Janelle recommends using Soft and Stable on the exterior of the bag and Shape Flex 101 for the majority of the other pieces. For the exterior, I substituted headliner fabric and added shape flex before basting it on. The headliner fabric isn't quite as forgiving as the S&S and can wrinkle up the pieces but I've found that a layer of SF101 can take care of that problem. For most of the other pieces, I used decor bond 809, as I like a very structured bag. 

The side panels have a fun contrast strip: 

As much as I wanted to keep this one for me, it was perfect for our wonderful sitter who just had a birthday, but luckily I ordered another set of grommets :)

Go get your copy at Emmaline Bags! She also carries all the hardware in her shop...even the grommets. 

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